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CA Traffic provide traffic monitoring equipment and software which collects valuable data on traffic volumes and classification from the dynamic traffic environment.

The versatile range of traffic monitoring equipment includes inductive loop, pneumatic tube and radar devices to provide traditional vehicle count, speed and classification data.

The company have recently developed and launched “Evolution”, a unique web based Journey Time System which uses their own ANPR camera technology. The new system offers the market a different approach to the existing ANPR concept offering flexibility and application of this technology in a practical environment. The camera, Evo8, is stylish and easy to use, most importantly it provides two-lane coverage at a price more usually associated with a single lane camera.

CA Traffic pride themselves on using the latest technologies to provide quality products to meet every need of the traffic engineer. Their latest pioneering development is a unique outstation platform, the Black CAT. The Black CAT Oustation Platform is the next generation in traffic monitoring and control. The product has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and to help future proof the customer's investment.

The versatility of the Black CAT makes it suitable for the majority of traffic monitoring and control applications. In its simplest form it can be used as a simple count classifier collecting data for the traffic engineer and also as a system component allowing systems to be created that can act on the information provided to drive traffic signs or even control the traffic.

The company has continually invested in software to compliment its product range. Software products include Palm OS, VDA-Pro and CA Live all of which have become the leading software products in the UK for the management of large-scale traffic data collection operations. The Evolution and Black Cat instation further enhances the company’s product offering.

The company has a solid reputation for providing good service and low cost easy to use products to support the traffic engineer and their field crews have years of experience within this area being recognised for their dedication and commitment to giving the best service.

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