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Hill & Smith Ltd is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of highway barrier systems. The company’s commitment to road safety provides technically advanced and innovative products that have been thoroughly tested to meet European and American specification standards.

Hill & Smith is able to offer a wide range of approved and cost-effective safety products including parapet and barrier transition products, high and normal containment safety barriers and end treatments.

The FLEXBEAM (Hill & Smith’s proprietary Vehicle Restraint System – VRS) family offers a compliant, cost-effective barrier system to meet the needs of road designers around the globe.

TRANSFLEX is designed specifically as a transition between the FLEXBEAM barrier and HS Roads Group company Varley & Gulliver’s bridge parapets.

Combining both FLEXBEAM and BRIFEN systems, BRIFLEX offers central reservation protection reducing larger vehicle cross over.

FLEXGUARD works in conjunction with FLEXBEAM, protecting motorcyclists from travelling under the barrier.