M74 High Risk Pier Protection.

Scotland TranServ is delivered the second phase of a
£1.8m programme of protection works to the M74 bridge piers.

M74 Pier Protection

Concrete Vehicle Restraint Systems


Hardstaff Barriers


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High Risk.

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland, and is responsible for maintaining, upgrading and monitoring the trunk road network across the country.

As part of Transport Scotland’s strategic trunk road maintenance programme, Scotland TranServ is delivering the second phase of a £1.8m programme of protection works to the M74 bridge piers.

The piers are located on the A723 between Hamilton and Motherwell, in Strathclyde, below junction 6 of the M74. A key part of the scheme, which is due to be completed in April 2020, involves the construction of three metre high reinforced concrete collars above ground level within the central reserve. Additional vehicle safety barriers were also required, providing permanent increased protection to the supporting bridge piers.

M74 Concrete VRS
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Pier Protection.

As a multi-award winning manufacturer and supplier of concrete roadside safety barriers, Hardstaff was appointed by Scotland TranServ to provide a suitable safety barrier system for this scheme.

The REBLOC RB140SFS_5.5, a surface-mounted precast concrete vehicle restraint system (VRS), providing the highest containment level (H4a), was installed along the verges and slip roads of the A723.

Tested to European Standard EN1317, the barrier can even contain and redirect the impact of a 30-tonne lorry travelling at 65 km/h.
The REBLOC RB84XEAL_8, an embedded precast concrete VRS providing H2 containment, was also installed along the central reserve of the A723, where space was very limited. The slim product is ideal in tight spaces and can be embedded into just 40mm of asphalt or concrete.

M74 Concrete VRS
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Precast Concrete VRS.

Both products were seamlessly connected to provide a continuous VRS, which will prevent vehicles from colliding with the M74 bridge piers.
The products were also connected to existing barriers already in place on the A723. Approaches to the lead in end of the barrier have also been protected by our crash cushions.

The barriers are now helping to keep safe the many thousands of people who use the A723 and the M74 each day.

Hardstaff Barriers
M74 Concrete VRS