The A14

The largest road development project in
Britain is completed 8 months' ahead of schedule.

A14- Cambridge to Huntingdon

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Flagship Scheme.

The A14 is one of the busiest A-roads in the UK connecting the Midlands and the East of England. The route stretches from Cambridge to Huntingdon and offers access to other towns, cities and key transport hubs.

This project, which has been Highways England’s flagship project and the biggest investment in a roads project in a generation, is set to bring nearly £2.5 billion of benefits to the UK economy. Businesses are also set to get a boost from the project, saving on average £70 million every year, as it is shaving up to 20 minutes off journeys and strengthening links between the Midlands and the East of England.

The road opened eight months early, and on budget, which highlights what the Highways England and the UK construction industry can achieve with efficient working and innovative thinking.

A14 Flexbeam
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What Went Wrong.

With around 85,000 drivers using the section every day before work started, including many more lorries than a typical A-road, the A14 suffered from heavy congestion on a regular basis. The A14 provided essential transport links to the UK’s largest container port at Felixstowe which is used nationwide to ship goods’ overseas. This A-road was also the main link road for commuters living between the Midlands the East of England and increased journey times’ significantly during peak hours’.

The road widening, the introduction of additional lanes and the restructure of slip roads and feeder lines was intended to control the flow of traffic during peak times.

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Working Together.

The HS Roads’ businesses were selected to contribute towards the A14 in 2017 and have supplied quality products and valuable support from the beginning. Offering a wide selection of solutions, Hill & Smith Barrier, Asset VRS, Hardstaff Barriers and Varley & Gulliver worked with Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors across all 5 sections of the A14, ensuring engineers and installers had sufficient tools and resources to complete the works’.

Communication and collaborative thinking allowed all parties to work in unison even when problems on site arose due to adverse ground conditions. More recently, the Coronavirus pandemic caused minor delays in the provision of materials and meant health and safety regulations on site needed reviewing to meet the new Government guidelines. Despite these hurdles, the A14 was completed 8 months’ ahead of schedule!

The HS Roads’ Group supplied the following solutions: Flexbeam Permanent VRS, Tranzflex Transitions, Bridge Parapets, End Terminals, Concrete VRS and Zoneguard Temporary VRS.

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