Permanent vehicle restraint system.

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Permanent VRS.

Flexbeam Safety Barriers

The classic Flexbeam guardrail is an established Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) used widely across the UK and it is featured on more than 60% of Highways England motorway schemes. It was initially developed in 2004 and continues to be tested to BS EN1317; the Flexbeam Portfolio now exhibits more than 20 performance classifications each approved by an independent body. The Flexbeam portfolio features normal containment (N2) and high containment (H1 and H2) barrier systems allowing for the appropriate integration along any UK highway.

Hill & Smith were one of the first safety barrier manufacturers in the UK and they still continue to supply the UK State non-proprietary VRS for maintenance and repair purposes. Hill & Smith pride themselves on their service and technical support; they are able to supply materials within 48 hours’, providing customers with essential materials all year round, because they keep 35km of barrier systems are kept in stock at any one time.


Alternative solutions

There are a variety of safety barrier and access gate solutions that have multi-purpose applications. Initially used as temporary safety barrier systems, the Zoneguard, Varioguard and the Sologuard ECP Gate can be installed as permanent solutions.

In cases where utilities have to be moved, or a large amount of preparation is required for the installation of conventional barriers, ASSET VRS’s bespoke systems are an ideal solution. The systems can be permanently anchored at each end, and both are lightweight, allowing bridge deck loading to be kept to a minimum. Both can be used in roadways, on up-stands and kerbs, with transitions from to open box beam and pedestrian parapets being accommodated.

Longitudinal Sologuard is designed for deployment as an ECP gate. Performance is H1W5 or N2W4. Sologuard can be fully opened through the use of hidden wheel assemblies by 2 operatives in less than 5 minutes.  Once in position, the wheels are retracted to lower the gate with the system being secure.

permanent vehicle restraint systems
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Product features.

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Flexbeam Range.

Tested to EN 1317 with containment and working width levels from, N2 to H2 and W1 to W5.

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Flexbeam Connections.

Tranzflex transitions have been tested and approved so a compliant connection between Flexbeam VRS and Varley & Gulliver Bridge Parapets can be achieved

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Flexbeam Capacity.

Hill & Smith have the ability to manufacture 10km of VRS in one shift and they keep up to 35km worth of VRS in stock at any one time

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Flexbeam Support.

To further support our customers, installation drawings and documentation is available on our technical support portal... the XTRATECH

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UK Legacy.

Hill & Smith Barrier is an official manufacturer of the UK legacy vehicle restraint systems, NPSBS (non-proprietary), tested to EN 1317. The NPSBS range includes OBB, DROBB and TCB.

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Zone/Varioguard Bespoke.

Site-specific design and built units to accommodate for tight horizontal and vertical curves, manholes and access points.

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Zone/Varioguard Loading.

Lightweight design to ensure bridge deck loading is kept to a minimum.

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Zone/Varioguard Connect.

Transitions to and from Open Box Beam (OBB) and pedestrian parapets.

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Sologuard Range.

Can be fitted into existing safety fences.

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Sologuard Operation.

Opening and closing by two operatives within 5 minutes.

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